HCL & Society

HCL Foundation (HCLF), established in 2011, as a not-for-profit organization, seeks to engage with various stakeholders to bring about developmental changes in a holistic manner. The Foundation was formed on the belief that every HCL employee can make a difference and is funded through employee and organizational contributions. Community-based programs and activities are planned with a keen focus on sustainability and employee engagement. Over the years, the Foundation has expanded its focus and activities and plays a significant role in realizing the overall sustainable agenda of the company. HCL Foundation has committed Rs. 1 billion towards CSR initiatives over the next five years.

Community Focus in India

HCL Foundation’s efforts are targeted towards achieving holistic community development through two flagship initiatives:

To achieve the above, HCL Foundation has developed two unique programs:

1. Project Samuday - HCLF will undertake developmental work in about 170 Gram Panchayats in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. HCLF would be working closely with the state government and key stakeholders in the communities to address issues in a sustainable manner to turn selected villages into “Model Villages”.
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2. HCL Grant - HCL has created the HCL Grant to support the institutionalization of the Fifth Estate (NGOs) through the creation of strong governance frameworks and management capabilities. The Grant envisions to build sustainable communities by supporting NGOs and individuals who are doing path-breaking work towards high-impact transformation in India.
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Community Focus in US

In the US, the HCL Foundation has partnered with NPower Technologies (NGO) to further its do-good activities. Via this association, the focus is to promote employability by working on developing skills of the youth and war veterans through trainings, internships, job placements and alike. The foundation also looks to build technological skills among individuals and use these to benefit non-profits as well as schools.

To achieve the above, HCL Foundation has developed two unique programs:

1. Technology Service Corps (TSC)

Technology Service Corps (TSC) is a free, sector-based technology workforce development program that responds to the needs of the under-served, low-income, young adults and unemployed veterans.

2. The Community Corps (TCC)

The Community Corps is a unique online program that provides non-profit organizations and schools access to the tech community who in turn help the former achieve their goals.

Community Focus in UK

HCL Foundation's NGO partner in the UK is The Prince's Trust. The core of the HCL Foundation community program in the UK is to provide the unemployed young people the skills and confidence they need to move forward in their lives and do the job they love.

To achieve this, volunteers in this program help support, guide and inspire the individual's journey by mentoring, tutoring, getting involved in topical discussions, taking them on education tours and positively involving parents in this process.

Currently, this initiative has enabled the training and development of 110 disadvantaged local youths and work is on to make them employable.